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A Message from SinuMed™ developers
Dr. Brian Weeks and Dr. Ashley Sikand

The SinuMed Sinus Cleansing System™

The SinuMed Sinus Cleansing System uses an advanced gravity based, gentle, low pressure flow of pH balanced saline with the addition of patent pending N-acetylcysteine to gently cleanse the nasal and sinus passages by washing away impurities, irritants, allergens, viruses, microorganisms and pollutants.

The benefits of high volume, low pressure nasal irrigations have been well established in the medical literature.

Dr. Brian Weeks

ENT Surgeon

Scientifically Developed by Ear, Nose and Throat Doctors

SinuMed™ Sinus Cleansing System is a scientifically designed system for nasal irrigation developed by sinus surgeons, Dr. Brian Weeks and Dr. Ashley Sikand.

“The” SinuMed™ Sinus Cleansing System was developed by Dr. Brian Weeks and Dr. Ashley Sikand. As board certified MDs in otolaryngology, 40 years of combined experience and extensive research were utilized to develop the patent pending N-acetylcysteine blend and the proprietary SinuMed Irrigation Bottle. The result is an advanced and highly effective solution that provides sinus and nasal relief in seconds.

Dr. Ashley Sikand

ENT Surgeon

Sinumed Provides You With A
State-of-the Art Bottle for Optimal Results

The SinuMed bottle produces a consistent flow of solution using the ease of touch button technology!There is no guessing on the correct pressure as with squeeze bottle rinses.

The low pressure and science-based volume delivers a gentle flow – without side-effects of throat irritation and ear fullness.

The nozzle fits comfortably into the nostril with a soft, silicone tip – very comfortable.

The SinuMed system ensures high patient compliance.

Advantages of the

SinuMed Sinus Cleansing System include:

Two Convenient Options

Kit and Refill

SinuMed Kit

The SinuMed Kit comes with everything your patient needs for instant sinus relief:

Our patent-pending mixture contains USP grade (purity level 99% or higher) sodium chloride, sodium bicarbonate, and N-acetylcysteine (pH balanced & preservative free).

One 240 mL irrigation bottle and 30 premixed packets.

The SinuMed bottle was scientifically engineered to provide a gentle and consistent, gravity-based flow of 240 ml of our patented solution.

SinuMed Refills

The SinuMed refill packets should ONLY be used with the proprietary SinuMed bottle for safe and effective sinus and nasal cleansing.

The Refill Pack includes 50 premixed packets of the SinuMed solution.

Our patent-pending mixture contains USP grade (purity level 99% or higher) sodium chloride, sodium bicarbonate, and N-acetylcysteine (pH balanced & preservative free).

Designed With Science!

Ear, nose and throat physicians are the medical experts for the nose and sinuses.

The SinuMed System was designed by ENT surgeons for their patients and their colleagues.

SinuMed is based on the best available research and designed to enhance patient experience to provide the best outcomes.

ENT physicians recommend using the SinuMed System after nose and sinus surgery and for relief from the symptoms associated with allergic rhinitis, chronic rhinitis and nasal/sinus infections.

The SinuMed Difference:
Rinse, Relieve, Revitalize!

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